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Executive Suites

Designed to optimize comfort and provide VIP treatment, our executive suite rooms are made to accommodate persons who seek extra luxury and comfort. With very comfortable living room, we offer you an environment for your best experience. A plush interior decoration blend to make the room an attractive place worthy of observing the beautiful scenery. Fully air-conditioned rooms equipped with bed with bedside lamps and cabinet of the best quality to reflect your special status are at your disposal.

As a suite, the executive wardrobes and best designed to offer your clothes the comfort you feel when wearing them.

Available facilities are, hot and cold shower , fan, fully connected satellite television set to update you on news and entertainment, a telephone,  plus a refrigerator, welcome water and so on all to make your experience a memorable one. The executive suite has all the in-house facilities you need to ensure your security, extra privacy and comfort.

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